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  Hollywood Gossip

Mel Gibson will star in Hogan's Hero's
The reports from glitter city say that he declined the script, so I counter predict that George Clooney will take the roll instead.

Hear more from Jean Claude VanDamm as a bad boy.
Well, true, but heís a rebel, eh? Iím afraid to say anymore, heís pretty tough.

Arnold Swartznegger - stalker? A pretend paparazzi sort.
? Well, Iím not sure as I havenít really heard or seen any news on this other than he was angered that the reporters speculated on his strength and all due to his heart surgery.

Tragedy Rolly Stones, 2 separate incidents from each other.
Gezz boys, donít get too shook up, Iím waiting for your next concert to roll in.

An Oprah guru in trouble.
? Anybody out there know anything about this? Letís hope for the best for whomever this is. But if you got something to validate this prediction or any others, let us know!

JON BENET CASE: solved early 1999, couple of year trial, they get break in march and not publicist that till June or July.
I know it doesnít sound proven true yet, however, I feel that they did get a break in early 1999 which will be the key needed to eventually solve this case, also they did get a break in March and it wasnít publicised that I know of. I did see a headline on one of those paparazzi magazines but I refuse to repeat it as it may be unreliable.