World Predictions of 1998
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Natural Disasters
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  Natural Disasters

(Predicted DEC 5/ aired DEC 31 on KRoc,)
Thanks to clear cutting and wildlife land industrialization / intrusion we are not producing the amount of plant oxygen needed to clean our air. Combined with Oil and Gas Co.'s emissions , vehicle emission, etc. We are going to be a very nasty part of History. We're going down in history as a deadly weapon if we don't do something now! With breaks given to industry were they haven't had to see any repercussions or accept any cause and effect of damage by the Premier this is horrendous. We are a deadly force in action. Time to climb out of denial. We know better, our scientists know better, and our scientists are being labeled as nuts and made to look like idiots. They are not. We must listen. Wait till you see the stats, it will frighten you. Unfortunately Alberta is blamed for much of the Canadian pollution and this prediction sadly has come to be. The article in the Edmonton Sun about our scientistís negative reports being slammed on this topic is particularly sad.

16 primary Disasters 1998 to very early 1999 (Lunar Calendar)

China & India:
earthquakes, causing some type of flooding underground river/water source damage

Chemical disaster or natural disaster causing chemical disaster. May be an earthquake that punctures something and lets it loose.

gets two more aftershock waves from earthquakes elsewhere. 2 tremors in 2 different situations Not bad one but does cause a few rattles and problems, not bad. Very scary.
outcome: True

a few more shakeups this year but hey, they live on the edge man.